Welcome to Los Santos V. We are a Role Play server using the Grand Theft Auto V game on the Rage Multiplayer Platform. We are a creative role play server, allowing you to create a character and build a world of opportunity. Is it your goal to become the next powerhouse for the Illegal under ground? Aspiring to run the city as a mayor? Monopolize a business platform? We hope to offer you these possibilities, and more at Los Santos V.

Updates and More!!

UPDATE: 5/3/2019

Hello Everyone.

Sorry for the delay in updates but we’ve been working very hard in the background. I’m reluctant to post many updates as things are subject to change, as well as other servers trying to copy our ideas and features. As our community comes first, I thought I should show our progress with you.

Base System

Our base system is pretty much complete, this will obviously be changing as our systems develop, I’ll only briefly describe each system as we are still going strong on development.

Character System

Our base is in for the character system, we have our creation process in for the characters. As all the systems work with the Character System you can find more below about this.


You can read more on this update on our forums by clicking here

UPDATE: 1/1/2019

We would like to welcome everyone to the home for everything Los Santos V. We are a new developing Role Play server with a full staff of experienced role players, some dating back beyond video games. We are working continuously across global time zones to get tasks done to complete this server. We are hoping to bring a strong balance of realism and fun. We aim to be a High RP server with focus on character, group, and story development. You will find updates to the  Los Santos V. server here, on the discord, and the attached forums above.


Our Newest Features to the Script include a 2 Factor Authentication System to help keep your accounts secure, a Discord/In Game linked Weather Update Service, and Multiple Banking Accounts.

Our script is coded from the ground up, using the latest technologies in .NET Core and Entity Framework. This means, our script will be as efficient as it’s possible to get. No more loosing items and crashes due to bugs! We plan on bringing a script with reliability > flashy features. We will add more visual updates as we go along. However we want to make sure the script is as stable to play on.

Our staff is built from role players that have multiple years of experience Role Playing. This experience ranges many years, and includes table top to digital role playing. We all have experience with GTA RP, some dating back to “the SAMP/LSRP days.” We have collectively joined together to bring a fun and friendly atmosphere for players to enjoy. We believe in good communication and relationship with the server player base.

We have noticed on multiple servers there is a focus on limitation to Group Role Play. We are aiming to bring a new creative outlook on player built groups. Our staff aims to support legal and illegal role play alike. Bringing a staff to help support and keep balance to needed supplies and construction. Also adding script assistance to make things easier and more hands on.

There are quite a few servers that seem to limit appearance and portrayal of player characters. We hope to provide a more open image for how players find their style. While we want realism, we are playing in a recognized GTA Universe, full of parody and twists on real life. While some looks might be questioned, there is no rules against always wearing masks, face paint, or tattoos you’d like.